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Talking Youth

Jun 8, 2020

Talking Youth is a platform for young people to have a voice and be heard.

I have had the pleasure of teaching and guiding youth for 20 years professionally and have learnt and gained so much insight from them.

I believe it is not until you sit down and give young people time, space and an opportunity to share that you really learn who they are, how they feel and what their experience of life looks like.

So my interview process will do just that. I will be having incredible conversations with young people of all walks of life who are open to sharing their story, their dreams, their wins and their struggles to inspire others and to celebrate how awesome they are!! 

You can reach out to me by email ( or follow my social feeds (@movewithfionaluca) if any of what is shared on these podcasts resonates with you or if you would like my one-on-one support to move through your own personal circumstances. 

I offer support in coaching, mindfulness, movement therapy and Yoga and am passionate about empowering young people to truly discover who they are and what they are capable of! 


I am so excited to welcome my first ever guest Renee Gartner today. 

Renee launched her blog 'The Self Love Project' only 2 months ago, sharing with her community the POWER of Self Love and using her personal experiences to inspire others. 

Her blogs are raw, vulnerable and sincerely honest, in hope that by sharing her story, others too will find their own inner voice.

You will love listening to this 19 year old, whose articulation and sentiments are WAY beyond her age.

Throughout today's podcast there is reference to Eating Disorders and below is a link to a wonderful resource that provides support options for those in need.