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Talking Youth

Sep 7, 2020

Jenna O’Connell (educator) and Mariane Power (Psychologist) are 2 of the most dynamic, infectious and passionate spirits I think I have ever met. 
With an unwavering determination to create change and empower youth to discover meaning and purpose, they have banned forces to create a sibling led institution. 
The Posify Group! 
In this chat we delve into what is means to lead a purposeful and meaningful life. 
Discuss the beautiful connection between psychology and spirituality and how teaching and learning should be an integration of so many theories and methods to ensure each and every student has an opportunity to shine bright! 
A great listen for everyone, especially parents and educators. 
These ladies really know their stuff!! 
Learn more about the incredible work that they do at
and follow their socials @posifygroup. 
This episode will leave you really thinking, that’s a promise!