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Talking Youth

Sep 21, 2020

Frankie Jefferey has already experienced a lifetime of just 16 years of age.
Like her peers, she presents as a recognizable 16-year-old, but Frankie, a songwriter, performer, and creative has had her fair share of battles with mental health.
Throughout today's podcast, we will open up a conversation that no doubt many of you will relate to and learn first hand the impact mental health has had on Frankie's life and how it affects so many young people.
Frankie is raw, she is honest and she is brave, and shares the same passion as me to open up conversations and talk 'real' and normalize what consumes so many young people each and every day.
Mental Health is a serious topic, and I encourage anybody listening to ensure they feel supported prior to pressing play.
If any of today's conversation raises alarm for your own mental and emotional wellbeing, I strongly urge you to reach out for support.