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Talking Youth

Sep 28, 2020

Tayla Williams is a 22 year old student and performer, studying a masters of Dietetics and Personal Training
Her professional endeavours hold an enormous amount weight given she is on a mission to create change and support others, having been diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa at just 13 years of age.
In today's episode we will learn first hand the chaotic journey that spanned over 4 years, that led Tayla to become the grounded, aware, present and purposeful young lady she is today.
Tayla is passionate about the Arts and attributes so much of her healing to the community she has gained through dance as well as the pure joy of moving her body and releasing emotion through this platform.
This chat is going to be raw, honest and so important.
You can find Tayla on her social media channels at tayla.w_.
If any of what is discussed in today's episode triggers thoughts that are concerning or overwhelming, I urge you to be brave and reach out for support.
We cannot do this lifetime alone, there IS help out there.