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Talking Youth

Jun 16, 2020

After such an incredible response from last week's episode and lots of feedback in regards to Disordered Eating, today I share my insight into my own personal experience and how Self Image plays such an integral role in our lives.
Learn why you do what you do...and a way to change it for good! 

A wonderful reference was passed onto me in relation to last week's topic.

Stefan Tegelj is a film and television graduate, who works in retail and community development. He has recovered from an eating disorder and is an ambassador and mentor for Eating Disorders Victoria.

This video that reiterates how Eating Disorders present in so many different ways, and each individual's obstacle is valid and requires support.

You can reach out to me by email ( or follow my social feeds (@movewithfionaluca) if any of what is shared on these podcasts resonates with you or if you would like my one-on-one support to move through your own personal circumstances. 

I offer support in coaching, mindfulness, movement therapy and Yoga and am passionate about empowering young people to truly discover who they are and what they are capable of!