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Talking Youth

Nov 11, 2020

Melissa Garlito is a 25 year old dance teacher, performer, the Director of Jade Entertainment and the ambassador of Get Psorted.
At age 18, she was formerly diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Psoriasis which essentially consumed her life for the following handful of years.
Melissa openly, honestly and bravely shares her hournery, and her skin, that has caused immense pain and suffering in order to support others and heal her own wounds.
This young woman wears her heart on her sleeve and this raw conversation will evoke many emotions and assist in spreading not only the awareness of Psoriasis but the importance of loving the skin you're in and leading from a place of integrity and honesty.
You can learn more about Melissa ambassadorship and her entertainment company (Jade Entertainment) on her handles below.
Jade Entertainment