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Talking Youth

Apr 7, 2021

Season 2 has landed, folks, and we kick off with one incredible young human!

Jamey Reihana is a freshly graduated 18-year-old, living in sunny Queensland.

She chose to steer away from the conventional study after school theory, and instead has signed on with an agent to pursue an acting career.

What makes Jamey's story so interesting is that although she is embarking on such a brave journey of the unknown in such a transient industry, mental health has been a big struggle for her. It stemmed from early on in high school and it was only recently that she was given a formal diagnosis.

This conversation is honest, raw and beautiful.

In a clear yet playful way, Jamey dissects the role Mental Health has played in her life and shares with us the tools she has acquired to support herself and her well-being so that it doesn't consume her entire world.

Jamey has found the courage to pursue the things in her life that matter most and wants everyone she has a connection with to enjoy this also.

You can learn more about Jamey on her instagram handle:

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