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Talking Youth

Jun 29, 2020

Today I had an epic conversation with my very dear friend and internationally acclaimed Movement Director and Choreographer Zoee Marsh.
Zoee has made her mark in the professional Creative Arts industry for over a decade, but her point of difference is that she has resisted the common urge to conform and has remained true to #1...herself.
During this honest, insightful and hearty chat, Zoee delves straight into sharing with you all her traumatic experiences and memories of adolescence and how it has shaped the passionate, forthright and wildly successful woman she is today.
We explore the concept of authenticity, self-acceptance and owning ALL of you.
I titled today's episode; Self Expression and have utmost faith that this conversation will inspire you to discover your own.
You can explore Zoee's incredible work on her SM feed @zoeemoves and as always, reach out to me if any of these conversations resonate with you or if you would like further support