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Talking Youth

Jul 13, 2020

Due to the enormous feedback from Episode 1, where we spoke to Renee Gartner about her eating disorder experience, I am overjoyed to welcome Merrin Wake, founder of the Aware Project who has worked in the field of Child and Adolescent health , heavily in the Eating Disorder Space, for over 20 years. Merrin has spent most of that time growing her professional portfolio, entering the world of education and training and now specialises in developing workshops on child and adolescent health, mental health, eating disorders, diversity and inclusivity and trauma informed practice.
Merrins knowledge, experience and passion to work with and support young people is inspiring.
During this episode we truly go there, and dissect both the clinical and holistic approach to Eating Disorders and remind you all that there is NO shame, No blame and there IS help out there.
You can find Merrin's incredible work at', and parents and teachers, please stay posted for an evening of education in September facilitated by myself, Merrin Wake and conscious nutritionist Leanne Rowbottom dedicated to Disordered Body Image in Youth. 
Details to follow but for now like my socials @movewithfionaluca to stay informed.