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Talking Youth

Jul 20, 2020

Episode 7 showcases the inspiring Georgia Kelly, a 19 year old Geelong born creative that is dedicated to making the world a more connected place through her art, writing, love and care for nature and encouraging others to appreciate the small things in life.
In this interview you will rarely hear Georgia speak of her challenges, her obstacles or her misfortunes.
Georgia's take on life is so positive and so present that it almost makes you question how you go about your day to day world and how often you show gratitude for your privileges. 
I delve into Georgia's relationship with meditation, as she attributes her commitment to this hugely to her perspective on life.
As this podcast unfolds, I continue to be in awe of how mature and aware young people are...and Georgia is no different.
Enjoy this awesome chat!! 
You can learn more about Georgia and her art work on her social handle @g_kelly_creations.