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Talking Youth

Jul 27, 2020

Sophie (Aqua) Dezelak is a YouTube phenomenon.
With 50 thousand plus followers and over 100 videos getting daily views, what was an innocent upload a few years ago to share with the world her new lipstick, has now become a full-time business.
In today's conversation we hear from the 'Sophie' behind the camera. 
The kind, thoughtful and independent young lady, that wants to create change and instill confidence in her peers. 
Sophie opens up about her own struggles and her pursuit to grow and develop herself to remain authentic in her business and videos.
This is an awesome and very relatable conversation for young people.
Do yourself a favour a tune in!
You can find Sophie on her channels: 
YouTube: Sophie Aqua
Instagram: sophieaquaa
Sophie talks a lot about meditation, building awareness and personal growth, which leads perfectly into my current intake for my Youth on a Mission Program. 
Check it out at