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Talking Youth

Aug 3, 2020

Leanne Rowbottom is a Conscious Nutritionist. 
What does that mean...she is an experienced holistic practitioner of almost 20 years, qualified as a nutritionist, remedial massage therapist, Access Consciousness Bars facilitator and ESSE body worker, and meditation teacher.
Her approach to nutrition and the body is not about the food, the diet or the scales, it is about educating and supporting people (young and old) to break free from emotional eating and overeating, improve body image and self-esteem, develop a healthy relationship with themselves, and finally feel free with food and their bodies.
In this chat you will gain so much valuable information that will allow you to make sense of your thoughts and feelings towards yourself and your body image.
This truly is a hearty conversation that is well worth a listen.
Stay posted for the release of my Body Image Webinar, collaborating with Leanne Rowbottom and Merrin Wake for Parents and Teens.
A topic of conversation that needs to be dissected and spoken about.
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