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Talking Youth

Aug 10, 2020

I can’t believe we are here at Episode 10! 
The end of Season 1 of Talking Youth Podcast. 
I am so grateful for the wonderful guests we have had in the show thus far. 
For your honesty, bravery and willingness to GO THERE! 
In this episode I share with you 3 pearls I wish I knew when I was a sifting through my teens and early 20’s. 
Actually...I think these pearls apply to every age bracket, but my purpose on this podcast is to empower and support young people and I TRULY believe this episode will be a game changer for some of you! 
Well worth 10 minutes of your time... I promise! 
A reminder that my September intake for my 4 week online Youth on a Mission program is still open for enrollments. 
You can learn all about it at
10 spots only available. 
Are you ready to take the leap and work with me to uncover your true potential and break free from situations in your life that are holding you back! 
I’d love to support you.