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Talking Youth

Jun 7, 2021

Georgia Roubicek is an 18-year-old force to be reckoned with.

Georgia DOES life, rather than sitting and watching it go by.
At age 16, a formal diagnosis was delivered, one that has changed the course of her life. Georgia has MS and, in today's episode, she bravely shares what that looks and feels like.
An empath and nurturer from way back, Georgia has always had a deep desire to help others.
Her own adversities growing up led her to engage with mental well-being support from a very young age and her belief is that if she can be the sounding ear for someone -- the way her support network has been for her -- then her cup is full and she has served her purpose.
Georgia's diagnosis has not defined who she is, what she can do nor how she shows up everyday.
Instead it drives her to expand her knowledge, awareness and ability, to show up as her best version, not only for herself, but for others.
Georgia is currently studying Youth Support, at Gordon University, in hopes of supporting youth and adolescents who are on a trajectory of challenge.
I adored having this conversation and emplore you to share it with others to spread the awareness of MS and the story of another incredible young person!
You can follow Georgia on her insta page @georgia_maree52 and learn more about Multiple Sclerosis here: