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Talking Youth

Jul 26, 2021

Sammy Wilson is a rockstar!! Not only is she cool, calm and collected, she is purposeful in her actions and has created something to support SO many people in our nation.

Sammy is the founder of Sober Mates, a community, an educational platform and a place to go where you can explore your drinking habits.  It was created for those people that want to cut down, learn more about their drinking habits and find all the information in one place with no judgement from others.

What started as Sammy's 3-month commitment to sobriety has now become her new way of life. Sammy realised that her drinking had become a problem and during this time of exploration has not only learnt so much about herself and her lifestyle habits but has been able to access SO much more of herself, now not leading a life that relies heavily on socialising with alcohol!

In this conversation, we explore the strong correlation between mental well-being and alcohol and Sammy gives us some super humbling information about the impacts of our drinking choices.

A must listen for EVERYONE, even purely to educate yourself.

I loved this chat. No doubt you will, too!

You can learn more about Sammy and her incredible community online at:

... and on social media:


Her personal profile (which is SO inspiring and fun!) :


If you listen to this episode and realise you need further support about your drinking choices please contact Alcohol Drug Information Service (ADIS):

1800 250 015 (24 hours/day, 7 days/week)