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Talking Youth

Aug 22, 2021

I have been bursting with excitement to release this amazing conversation.

Lewis Taranto and Kyle Jdali, two Geelong-born 18-year-olds, are the founders of Atman, a mental health brand created to reach as many young people as possible and open up channels of conversation about mental health and life as a youth.

Through their podcast endeavours, live talks, fundraisers and the like, these guys have brought humour, lightness and a conscious and insightful vibe to what is often a heavy and taboo conversation.

Although Atman has remained quiet of late (through their own accord and choice). the Talking Youth podcast was so honoured to bring these two lads together to do what they do best: CHAT!

You will learn how their experiences of high school and being teenagers have unfolded very differently, yet they both have this uncanny ability to finish each others' sentences and dart to and fro like pros!

I didn't want this chat to end ... and you won't either!

We talk about high school, mental health, being separate from our ego, life lessons and so much more!

Please note, there may be some triggering mental health disclosures throughout, so please avoid listening if you are feeling vulnerable or fragile and please seek support.

Enjoy this episode, gang, and as always, if it resonates and you feel MORE folk should have access to it, please share it, subscribe and, better yet, leave us a review!


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